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Monthly Archives: August 2016

How to Fix a Clogged Drain

Isn’t it irritating when your drain gets obstructed with icky and gooey grease and food and hair particles? What are you to do?

Well, you can try scooping out all that slime and what-have-you’s with your hands. Or, try any of these Rock Island clogged drain cleaning tips:

1. Start by sloshing down some water to flush out whatever’s blocking the drain. To do this, you have to turn your faucet on to its maximum level and have tap water run for a while.

If it doesn’t work that way, try step 2.

2. If tap water doesn’t work, try boiling it. Pour boiling water down the drain. The heat will help to loosen the debris.

But, remember to remove water from the sink before you do this. Try step 3 if the blockage won’t give in.

3. Use vinegar instead of water to remove those clogs. Try a cupful and then another. The acid in the vinegar will cause the grime and slime to thin out. Again, when you do this, make sure there is no water in the sink.

If this fails, it’s time to be more aggressive and purchase some strong chemicals in the grocery.

4. Apply chemical drain cleaner, which comes in different types such as caustic, oxidizing, and acid.

What’s the difference and how do these work? Caustic drain cleaner contains lye. Oxidizing drain cleaner has bleach, peroxides and nitrates. Acid drain cleaner comprises of sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

These substances all do the same thing: attracts electrons from clogged particles causing it to disintegrate but in different strength levels.

Be careful in using any of these as the fumes are toxic. Unlike vinegar, this may cause your eyes to burn, eat through your clothing, and even damage your drain. Make sure to use gloves when handling this substance and keep this away from children and pets.

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