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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Diagnosing Bad Toilet Odors

There is nothing good that could come out of smelling something putrid coming from your drain. It is best to find out the reason why your drain smells bad before calling a Rock Island plumber to help you with your concerns. Here are some tips which can help you identify the reasons for the bad odors you smelled.

Sewer smell coming from the toilet in the ground floor? There are a few things that could cause this problem. This foul smell can come from a joint in the waste system, a problem with the fitting of the drainage, or it could also come from underground.

Foul smells from the bathroom? If you need help with diagnosing a bathroom smell’s origin, the best person to call would be an engineer. The first thing to do to check where the drain smells are coming from is to open the windows first, and then do both an air and water test.

My house smells like poo. Do I have a blocked drain? Poo smells do not necessarily mean that your drain is blocked. However, there is a chance that your toilet is. This causes some of the air to come out of the toilet. In order to check this, you would need to open the inspection chamber up, or check if your toilet’s flushing capabilities are still okay. If air bubbles are coming out of your toilet, then it means that your toilet is blocked.

Are the bad smells dangerous to one’s health? First, let us just say that they are not good for you. However, this also does not mean that they are necessarily dangerous. Only in some instances when the amount of gas is high enough that they become dangerous, because there is a chance for them to ignite. However, this is a very rare occurrence. At the most, you will be getting a headache from the smell of bad toilet odors.

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Fixing Water Leaks at Home

Isn’t it annoying to see a dripping faucet, especially when you know that each drop means money going down the drain? You may think a small leak is nothing but think again. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, ten percent of American homes have leaks and the average amount of water wasted due to this…Continue Reading