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Monthly Archives: December 2016

4 Facts about Backflow Testing

What is backflow?

Backflow is the reverse movement of water that is not intentional. For instance, instead of water going down the drain, it goes back to your sink or bathroom floor or into other pipelines that contain clean water. Consequently, if it comes in contact with clean water in the pipeline, it would cause serious health hazards. The contaminated water becomes toxic and is considered useless. Rock Island clogged drain offers some tips about backflow testing.

What is backflow testing?

Although backflow test is quite easy to administer, there is a need for experts to do it so that there will be no incidents of leakage and mixing of liquids in the pipelines. The device called a backflow preventer is to be installed in the plumbing system to protect potable water from being contaminated. Davenport drain cleaning has professionals who can install backflow preventers in your homes.

How often is backflow preventer test held?

With your health as the prime concern, it is recommended that backflow preventers must be tested regularly to assure the safety of the water in one’s house or building. This checking is administered only by professional plumbers.

How is backflow preventer test done?

The Quad Cities 24 hr plumbing will inform the owner that the water supply will be shut down when the test is going to be conducted. The professional plumber will then check the device if it is the reduced pressure principle or a valve.

The direction of the water flow is known through the flow chart or the arrow marking. Afterwards, the test cocks are cleaned and numbered. The valve is then shut and the pressure of the water is reduced. Lastly, the testing kit is hooked up and checked. Although the procedure sounds easy, only experts are allowed to do it to avoid contamination.

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