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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Davenport Tankless Water Heater – Advantages

Several types of water heaters exist in the market. Exploring through the available options is very important as it will help you avoid making costly mistakes. Here we compare the pros and cons of tankless water heaters over their traditional counterparts, the storage tank water heaters.

Storage Water Heater
The biggest advantage for the conventional type is the ease of installing a new one. Provided you are replacing the old unit with exactly the same brand and model, the external structures to be connected are already there and there will be no extra cash to spend for resizing. If this is the option for you, you may just request for an extra hand to help and not necessarily call for a professional to do the installation for you.

On the other hand, it costs more to do a switch to a tankless type of water heater. Downsizing or upsizing the lines may be necessary, which also calls for out-of-pocket expense. For the tankless unit alone, the cost can double up compared to the same-model-and-brand replacement of the conventional type.

Davenport – Tankless Water Heater
When can a switch to a tankless type advisable?  Number one, it depends on your budget.  Although a unit may cost less than $200, you should be ready with expenses for accessories that your Davenport plumbing service may require.

A hot water system protector can be as pricey as $100 and a circuit breaker may cost up to $10. There are other changes that need to be implemented on the lines to accommodate the new unit. Resizing is usually common in this type of switch.

On the positive side, you will rack up savings once the tankless unit is operational. Your energy consumption will go down due to the on-demand feature of tankless water heaters. Recovery of expense is attainable within 2-3 years of use. Make everyone in your family adjust to the on-demand type of hot water supply. Once you receive the next power bill, you’ll surely be glad you went for a tankless.

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