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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Rock Island Plumbing Leaks – Understanding Plumbing Leaks

Having basic knowledge of plumbing and the plumbing system in your home can be handy, especially during emergencies. It can even save you from out-of–pocket expenses.

Two Subsystems
The overall system in your home is composed of two subsystems that don’t overlap. They are somehow connected but there are fixtures there or junctures where the elements from one system are being prevented from entering the other.

The first subsystem is called the supply system, which is the system that allows clean water to flow inside your home. The second is called the sewer, which is the system that catches dirty water to be collected into a large hole called the septic tank or allowed to flow out from your home through the drainage system. When a problem starts, you first have to determine which subsystem is affected.

A clogged toilet can mean that either or both of the subsystems have problems. Check the interior of the toilet and look for a malfunctioning fixture. If water is overflowing from the toilet bowl, it can be that the sewer pipe below is clogged.

Drains on the floor are connected to the sewer line. One common reason for flooding is a clogged pipe connected to a drain.
If you smell bad odor and you think it is coming from the plumbing, check the sewer first.

Rock Island Plumbing Leaks – Hot Water
Cold water comes from the main supply and goes straight to the faucets, toilets and showers. For hot water, there is an extra pipe in the system that supplies water to the heater. From the heater, there’s another pipe going to the same places where cold water is supplied.

If the leaking water is hot, check the line from the heater. Otherwise, look somewhere else.

There are several valves in the system that control water flow. Make sure that you know where these valves are located so you know where to go to when a problem occurs. Make sure that you also know the locations of the sewer valves.

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