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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Rock Island Water Heaters Repair – Failure to Heat Water Enough

It is easy to see if there’s a problem with your gas water heater, because the symptoms are quite self-evident. Failure to heat water enough is one of the most common issues. Fixing this problem can be done with a few easy steps.

Adjust the thermostat
First thing to do is to adjust the thermostat dial to a higher setting – that means allowing the water heater to heat water to a higher temperature than your usual previous setting. While adjusting the dial, watch out for the burner to ignite. Once it ignites, stop adjusting. Wait for an hour to check if water temperature has risen. You can use a thermometer for checking the water’s temperature.

Rock Island Water Heaters Repair – Check the Pilot Light
What if the first step fails to correct the problem? The next step will be to check on the pilot light. In normal cases, this light is on. If it is not lit, go to the manual and follow the instructions on relighting it. Generally, this involves turning the gas valve OFF and then setting it to PILOT. There’s a status light there that will tell you when to proceed turning the dial from the PILOT status to the ON status.

In some cases, the pilot light turns on and off automatically. If this is happening, check the pilot light’s orifice. It can be that the orifice is dirty or clogged. Cleaning the orifice is one option to take if the flame on the burner is small, unstable or does not keep burning as it should.

Check the Thermocouple
What if you find the orifice to be in good condition?  This time you have to check the thermocouple. This is the part that keeps the pilot light lit and also the one that fires up the burner once the water temperature goes lower than indicated in the setting. You will have to call a technician for this. After testing the thermocouple, he will tell you whether or not replacing it is needed.

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