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Monthly Archives: May 2017

What’s the Most That Can Go Wrong in a Rock Island Toilet Installation?

Some people ask why you need to call a professional for a Rock Island toilet installation. It’s a bit obvious that installing a new toilet is pretty easy. You don’t really need to be a rocket scientist to install one.

However, installing a replacement toilet for the old one can be a bit troublesome. There are a few things that can go wrong and you need to know what to do when you spot a few trouble points.

So, what are the things that can go wrong when you install one? Well, here they are.

Damaged Wood Underneath Old Fixture
One of the most common issues to look for is softened or damaged wood underneath where the old toilet was affixed. The key indicator would be a dark stain on the flange. If it is there then the wood underneath most probably will need a replacement. If you don’t have any DIY skills then hiring a Rock Island toilet installation service will save you good deal of money than doing things by trial and error.

Cast Iron Flange Issue
Speaking of the flange, old toilet systems have cast iron ones. These aren’t that accommodating when you try to install a new toilet. You may need to use a set of washers and nuts along with the bolts to lock them in tightly. Sometime other adjustments need to be made in case the old flange now sits lower than the original design due to additional tile work.

Closet Bolts Too Short
This may be the easiest issue you’ll ever encounter. All you need to do is to install longer closet bolts.

Don’t Tighten Things Too Much
Another issue is that people tighten the toilet bowl down too much. Install it too tight and your tile/porcelain will crack. Install it to loose and the bowl moves around when someone sits on it. The key is in the type of wood you use for the floor when you install the bowl. A Rock Island toilet installation can recommend the right material.

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