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Monthly Archives: June 2017

What to Ask Your Quad Cities 24 Hr. Plumber

All the bad things that can happen to your plumbing can’t be put on a schedule. They just happen. And, unfortunately, they happen at the worst possible time. The good news for the folks living in the Quad Cities area is that there are a number of trusty plumbers that you can count on.

A Quad Cities 24 Hr. Plumber is an indispensable help especially when you need it the most. However, you should contact plumbers and plumbing services beforehand. That way you’re sure that you’re not hiring the services of unscrupulous individuals who will charge you an exorbitant fee. That’s like taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of customers.

You can look in your phonebook or look them up by location on the internet and call them in advance just to ask for information. So, what questions are you supposed to ask? Here they are:
How long have you been providing plumbing services in the Quad Cities area?
Can I get references from your most recent clients?
Does your service come with a warranty for both labor and parts?
Does your company have a website?
Do you provide 24 hour plumbing service?
How long is your usual response time?
Are your plumbers insured?
Do I need to get a permit to get this job done?
Do you think my ____ (name the faulty item) needs to be replaced?
Does your company charge trip fees?
What kind and brand of parts do you use? Where do you buy them?

These are practically helpful questions to ask. What you should be looking for is a reliable Quad Cities 24 Hr. Plumber that has sufficient work experience. They should be certified and duly licensed so you can be sure that they really know what they’re doing. They should also be able to get to you in time so they can the problem fixed in no time.

Need plumbing help? For prompt, courteous, and professional service, call C. Ewert Plumbing today at 563-322-3222.

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