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5 Plumbing Tips That Will Make A Swell Summer

August usually means the summer is about to end. For others they have to think about preparing for the rest of the year. That means you’ll have to prepare the house for the change in weather. You may need to get the best Davenport plumbing service if you live in Iowa, that is. Well, here are some end of summer tips from the professionals and experts from C. Ewert Plumbing that might be quite helpful.

Expert Tip #1 – Take Care of the Old Washing Machine
Everyone spends a lot of time outdoors in the summer and that means more cleaning work for your washing machine. The incoming school year will also mean more clothes. They usually bring a lot of laundry for their usual visit.
Give your washing machine a general check-up even before the kids go back to college. Look for cracks, leaks, bulges, and new strange noises. If you notice something, make it easy on ourself – go get some help.

Expert Tip #2 – Mind the Stuff You Put Into the Garbage Disposal System
A lot of people have cookouts, parties, and what not during the hot summer days. That means more garbage getting disposed than usual. Throw the fibrous stuff in the trash like banana peels, corn husks, carrot peels, and others. The garbage disposal can only take so much.

Expert Tip #3 – Check the Sewer Line
Or better yet, let an expert do it for you. You can reach Ewert Plumbing expert by calling 563-322-3222. They can check your sewer line for damage, water seeping in, sewer line backups, and other issues.

Expert Tip #4 – Gray Water Collection

You can talk to a C. Ewert Plumbing representative about setting up a system to collect rain water (also known as gray water). This might save you money since you’re storing water that is absolutely free.

Expert Tip #5 – Watch Where You Mow
People usually do their last minute full blown lawn mowing and sometimes hit the sprinklers, drain, and other stuff when they mow on the rush. If you did manage to mess things up, just remember that a Davenport plumbing expert is just a call away. Dial 563-322-3222 today.

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