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Backflow Preventer

Backflow Preventer Services

Backflow prevention ensures safe drinking water, protected against naturally occurring and man made contaminants. Ewert Plumbing can expertly test and install backflow preventers in cross-connected plumbing.

A cross connection is the point where potable water is connected to a contaminated source. Wash basins, service sinks, lawn sprinkler systems, boiler, water re-circulating systems, swimming pools, fire sprinkler systems and water conditioners are all examples of cross-connections in plumbing.

Contaminants, both naturally occurring and man made, can enter drinking water through these cross connections and cause serious illness. The responsible owner can be held liable.

Backflow can be caused by a number of events including pipe failures or unexpected drops in pressure. When pressure of the drinking water drops below that of a non potable water system such as a lawn sprinkler system, contaminants can be drawn into the drinking water.

Ewert Plumbing will inspect, test and install backflow preventers on any water systems with the potential for backflow including:

•    Sinks
•    Dishwashers
•    Coffeemakers
•    Icemakers
•    Swimming Pools
•    Hoses
•    Cooling Towers
•    Fire Sprinkler Systems
•    Lawn Sprinkler Systems
•    Soda Machines and Dispensers
•    Many other residential and commercial building water systems

Protect yourself and the people you love with the proper backflow preventer. Call us today at 563-322-3222.