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24 hour emergency davenport plumber


Full Plumbing Services

Ewert Plumbing is your full service plumbing company, from leaks to sewers to water heaters, remodeling or new construction plumbing projects. We work with you to tailor a solution to your specific requirements and needs.

We welcome both residential, commercial and industrial customers.
• All plumbing repairs (All brands and models)

• Remodeling & additions

• Code violation corrections

• Leaky drains and faucets

• Drain Repair

• Toilet, tub, shower repair / install

• Water softeners and filters

• Sump pumps and ejectors

• Water meter repairs

• Water conditioning

• Garbage disposals

• Water heaters

• Tankless water heaters

• Water and gas pipe replacement

• Pipe thawing

• Gas leak detection and repair

• Lead pipe repairs

• Backflow preventer testing and repair

• Sewer back water valves - service / install

• Smoke Testing
Ewert Plumbing has the expertise and equipment needed to quickly diagnose and resolve all your plumbing problems. We utilize video camera inspections to find problem areas and visually confirm the cause of the issue for slow drainage and repeat clogs. Video camera inspections can discover root intrusions, crushed, cracked or misaligned pipes or even locate rings and other valuables that may have been accidentally flushed down the drain.

For the Kitchen

When that faucet starts dripping or that drain clogs up, give us a call. We can keep your kitchen running smoothly, supply and connect disposals and dishwashers and install ice and cold water lines to your refrigerator.

For the Bathroom

Whether you need repairs or remodeling, Ewert Plumbing can expertly install new sinks, toilets or make your tub and shower run like new. We have a wide variety of shower spray heads, faucets, whirlpools and spas to make your bathroom new and inviting.

For the Family Room or Rec Room

Save on your kids opening the frig for water, why not install a water dispenser in your family room? Add an ice machine, hot tub or an extra 1/2 bath.

For the Laundry Room

Save space by having Ewert Plumbing experts install a single tub or stand pipe drain.

For the Yard

Have us install a new sprinkler system, plumbing for pools or even a back yard fountain.

With our years of plumbing expertise, Ewert Plumbing can diagnose and fix any plumbing problem in your home or commercial property. Our team is available for 24 hour emergency service. Call us at 563-322-3222.