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Plumbing Tools You Should Have in Your Tool Box

Plumbing Tools You Should Have in Your Tool Box
Do you enjoy doing quick fixes or replacing parts on your plumbing?
Make sure that you have the right equipment. If your toolbox does not have the right gear, you may find it difficult to tackle even the simplest plumbing problem.
It is a good idea to invest in the following plumbing tools:
If you have a clogged drain or toilet, you can easily address the problem even without the help of a Quad Cities plumber. You just need a plunger, one of the easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways to handle clogs in your kitchen or bathroom.
Drain Snake
If a plunger does not work, use a Quad Cities drain snake or auger.
This gadget, sometimes referred to as a toilet jack, has a handle and a coiled snake. You work the snake into what is causing the clog. You use the snake to break up some of the clog so it can easily be flushed down. You also work the snake into the clog so you can drag it up and get rid of it.
Water Meter Key
Major plumbing problems will require you to turn off the main water supply. A vice grip or a wrench helps you do this. However, if you have a water meter key, you will be able to do the job more quickly and more easily.
Plumber’s Putty
Small leaks are quickly solved if you have plumber’s putty. If you see a low-pressure crack on the toilet or a small chink in the joints between the drain and the sink basin, you can easily seal off the gap with the easy-to-use, versatile, and quick-drying plumber’s putty.
Teflon Tape
The Teflon tape, which some people also call thread seal tape or plumber’s tape, is a handy, non-adhesive tape. It is useful for any DIY plumbing repair involving threading pipes. It is also used for coating threads because of its ability to create a tight, dependable seal.
Most plumbers recommend the ½ inch plumber’s tape which is just the right size for most repairs.
Adjustable Pipe Wrench
This wrench has a wide and secure grip. Its knurled knob fits perfectly around a pipe. Its serrated edges help to increase the pressure when you turn the wrench.
If you feel overwhelmed by a particular plumbing problem, you can always call for Quad Cities 24 hr plumbing.
For prompt, courteous, and professional plumbing service, call C. Ewert Plumbing today at 563-322-3222.