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How to Use a Plunger to Unclog Your Sink

How to Use a Plunger to Unclog Your Sink
If you have a sink full of water that refuses to go down the drain, do not panic. There are certain ways to deal with the situation before it becomes a full-blown crisis. You may not even need to call a Davenport plumber.

Check the strainer.
Sometimes a clogged drain is simply the result of a strainer full of gunk. Take the strainer off, remove all the debris that may have accumulated on it, then clean and wash it thoroughly.
Use a plunger.
Get a plunger and put it over the drain. Hold the plunger upright, making sure that you have a tight seal on the drain.
If your sink has a double bowl feature, use a wet rag and stuff it down the drain opening that is not clogged. This will make the suction work better.
Check the water level on the sink. See to it that you have water sufficient enough to come up to the middle of the plunger’s rubber cup.
If you have previously used chemicals like bleach on the sink, flush it out of the pipes first. It will probably just drip away ever so slowly because of the clog but that is better than to risk having the chemicals splash everywhere. Use safety glasses for good measure.
Make sure to use protective gloves to give your skin protection in case the water splashes. Once the clog frees up, do not handle the slime that comes out with your bare hands.
Press on the plunger, making up and down motions. Do not break the seal. Do this a couple of times. Then pull the plunger with a strong sharp motion to let the suction loose. This will hopefully dislodge the clog to release some of the water.
If the drain remains clogged, repeat the process until the water drains.
Once the clog has cleared, some of the things that have caused the clogging will come up. Pull the clog material out by hand. Make sure that you are using gloves.
If things don’t work out, you can always call for Davenport 24 hr plumbing services.

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