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Fixing a Running Toilet

Fixing a Running Toilet

Running toilets are not as problematic as a backed-up or clogged toilet but it can prove to be as troublesome. A running toilet can cause you a sudden increase in your water bill as it can waste several gallons of water every day, if left unchecked.

Fixing running toilets can be easy if you know what kind of toilet mechanism you have installed. Normally, you either have a gravity-flow toilet or a pressure-assist toilet installed in your bathroom. Gravity-flow toilets rely on head pressure to push the wastewater over the integral trap. The weight of the water is proportional to the height of the container which is the reason why water saving toilets have taller tanks. Pressure assist toilets, meanwhile, use air and would require a different approach to repair it.

Gravity-flow toilets work because of the flapper and the fill valve. The flapper opens when the lever is raised to push the water from the tank to the bowl. The fill valve replaces the contents of the tank once the flapper comes back down. Running toilets usually occur when the flappers do not make a good seal because of sediment build up or part deterioration. When this happens, the fill valve is not engaged and this is comparable to leaving the tap open the whole day as water would continuously flow out of the tank to the bowl.

Replace both the fill valve and the flapper at the same time to ensure that the valves are not cracked nor warped. You can also check the length of the pull chain because if it is too short, it may be holding the flapper open. Hardware stores offer plumbing kits for replacement of gravity-flow toilet parts.

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