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Know the Different Types of Toilets

Know the Different Types of Toilets
There are basically three types of toilets. It is worth your while to find out how each type performs before you go and shop for a new toilet. Consulting with Quad Cities plumbing service can help you come up with a well-considered choice.

Gravity Flush
This system has been around for more than a century now. It uses a combination of water and gravity to flush the toilet.
The flapper opens so water can rush down the flush valve into the bowl. The manufacturers of toilet cisterns have progressively worked on designs for tanks and bowls to make the system more efficient with less water. Making the flush valve larger (from 2” to 3” or more) resulted in a marked improvement in flushing power.
This type is considerably less expensive than the more recent toilet systems.
It is also easy to diagnose problems, come up with solutions, and look for replacement parts with the gravity flush toilet.
Condensation tends to form on the gravity flush toilet tank.
Performance can be less remarkable compared to the newer systems. If you opt for a gravity flush toilet, you have to spend quite some time looking for a model that flushes well.

Pressure Assist
This system features a pressure tank that is similar to a huge water balloon. The tank fills up with water and holds the water under pressure. Opening the flush valve activates an explosive flush resulting from the combination of both gravity and pressure.
You get a powerful flush from this system. Tests usually have this type of toilet outperforming other types.
There is no problem with condensation.
This is a more expensive system.
It is more difficult to identify problems and do repairs. Replacement parts may not always be available.
Pressure-assist toilets tend to make loud flushing sounds.

Vacuum Assist
The vacuum-assist system is the most recent innovation in toilets.
A vacuum tank is found inside the outer porcelain tank. The vacuum tank connects to the trapway (the big cylinder that moves the water down to the bowl). When you flush the toilet, the water that flows out of the tank produces suction in the trapway and the vacuum tank that results in a more powerful flush.
This type is similar to the gravity models. Repair is easy.
Vacuum-assist toilets do better than gravity models in performance tests. They have a stronger flush.
There is no problem with condensation on the outer porcelain tank as water is kept in the inner tank.
Compared to a gravity flush toilet, the vacuum-assist toilet comes with a slightly higher price tag.
There are limited models to choose from.
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