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Plumber’s Tips on How to Save Water

Plumber’s Tips on How to Save Water
What can you do to save water? Your Rock Island plumber will give you the following tips:

Leaks can cost you a lot of money. Make sure that you go over your plumbing for any leak and get your local plumber to deal with it right away. You can be wasting between 30 to 500 gallons a day if your toilet has a leak that you are unaware of.

Make your toilet low flush. You can put sand or pebbles inside a plastic bottle. Make sure to screw the bottle cap securely. Put that bottle in the tank. This will displace the water so that you will use a little less water each time you flush the toilet.
You can also ask your local water board where you can get a ‘Hippo’ or a ‘Save-a-Flush.’
These are inexpensive, proven, convenient devices that promote water conservation in toilet cisterns. Using such a gadget allows you to save about 3 liters of water each time you flush the toilet. Expect your water bill to go down significantly.
Buy a modern low-flush toilet. This type of toilet requires only 6 liters (and even less) of water to give a good flush.
Upgrade to a dual-flush toilet. This model allows you to use considerably less water to flush down pee with its half plush button, compared to the water you need to flush down poop.

Use low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads. These gadgets are affordable and easy to install. All you need is an adjustable wrench to screw them on.
Low-flow devices allow you to use half of the water that you usually use with a conventional unit while maintaining the same feel and pressure.
Install a valve that preserves water temperature even when the water is turned off. When taking a shower, turn the shower on only to get your body wet. Turn it off using the valve so you can lather up. The valve allows the water to stay on the same temperature so you can rinse off comfortably when you turn the water back on. Contact your Rock Island plumbing service for related inquiries.

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