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Troubleshooting an Electric Hot Water Heater

Troubleshooting an Electric Hot Water Heater
There are only two major trouble points when an electric water heater stops heating water for your home. One of these trouble points is a problem with the heating elements or the system’s controls. The other is that the power has been interrupted. There are other minor issues but these two are the most common causes.

Safety Precautions
The first step in all repair and troubleshooting for this type of water heater is to shut off the power to the heater. If you see a pool of water in the area where the heater is located then make sure that the electric power is turned off at the mains, just to be sure.
If you feel that the situation is just too dangerous for you to do on your own, then you should call for a Rock Island plumbing professional. C. Ewert Plumbing has experts ready and on call 24/7. Call them for advice and a free quote today.

Heater Troubleshooting
The next step, if there is no cause for alarm, is to do some diagnostic tests. Turn the power on and turn the heater on. Check if there is current running into the electric water heater. A fuse or a circuit breaker may have been tripped or damaged. Flip the breaker switch to “On” and then see if the heater starts.
The next step is to check if the high temperature cut off is working. Press the reset button, if the system doesn’t restart then you need to call a repairman to replace the high temperature cut off.
Another place to look is the thermostat. Follow the diagram provided in the instructions that came with the heater. Locate the thermostat. Check if it is flooded or if it has moisture – water may have leaked into the compartment. Drain the water and have the thermostat replaced
C. Ewert Plumbing has repairmen who can help replace electric water heater parts. You can ask them about the price of these parts as well.