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Davenport solar water heater Buyer’s Guide

Davenport solar water heater Buyer’s Guide

Taking advantage of solar power to heat up the water in your home can save you a lot of money. A solar water heater is actually one of the oldest technologies around. It’s not even new. The very first solar water heater was invented back in 1891. Some people estimate that they saved up to $500 because of switching to a solar heater. So how do you pick the right solar water heater? Check out the info below.

How Much Hot Water Do You Need
One’s lifestyle has a direct impact on the effectiveness of domestic solar water heaters. If you usually generate a lot of hot water in your home right now then you will need an active solar heating system. However, if you only need some hot water every day then a passive solar heating system will be necessary.
A simple way to compute how much hot water you generate is to multiply the number people who are living your house by 18 gallons. So let’s say there are 4 people in your apartment then, you would most likely need 72 gallons each day.

Your Place of Residence
Where you live is another factor that comes into play. If you live in sunny Florida or some other similar place then you can generate plenty of hot water using a small solar heating system. You need a larger system in colder areas.

Consider Your Budget
Although considerably more affordable, solar water heaters vary in price. You should also check local housing codes to find out if there are any charges to be paid if you install a heater in your home. Factor all costs into your budget not just the price of the heating unit.

Active or Passive System
A solar water heater has a tank, a collector, and a circulation system. An active solar heater will have additional parts like a circulating pump and others, which makes it more expensive. Again, pick the type that suits your needs.

If you need further advice on which type is best suited for your home then call a Davenport solar water heater serviceman from C. Ewert Plumbing. We can give you expert advice on the models that are currently available.