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How to Deal with a Running Toilet

How to Deal with a Running Toilet
You can easily tell if you have a running toilet. You can hear the water run non-stop or cycle on and off. This indicates a leak on the toilet.
It is not difficult to fix a running toilet. You do not have to be an experienced plumber. You just have to be able to identify the problem so that you can apply the appropriate solution. You can buy almost any hardware you may need from most home depots. If all else fails, call for Davenport toilet repair.
A toilet is likely to run if you have a weak flapper.
The flapper is the big rubber piece you find sitting on the flush valve. It seals the flush valve, keeping the water on the tank from seeping to the toilet bowl. You pull on a chain that pulls the flapper up to release the water to flush the toilet.
The flapper may chink, warp, or weaken with age. If this happens, it fails to provide a full effective seal on the valve. Water is likely to seep out into the valve.
Water sediment and gunk may also build up at the foot of the tank and prevent the flapper from closing up the valve effectively.
Address the problem of a running toilet by doing the following:
Jiggle the handle. This helps to reset the flapper and make it fall into its proper place.
Check the flapper. The flapper has to be set firmly against the flush valve. If the flapper hangs open, move the arm attached to it to make the flapper fall back down squarely against the valve.
Is anything blocking the flapper and stopping it from going back to its exact position? Remove the sediment or chain that may be causing the obstruction.
If the problem lies in the flapper itself – if it has become warped or brittle or damaged, get a new flapper.
Flush Valve
Sometimes the problem may be caused by the flush valve.
Water will seep through even with a new flapper if the flush valve has a groove or nick on its disk. The slow leak will eventually cause the water in the tank to drain completely. The water level dips and may trigger the fill valve to refill the tank. You may hear a flushing sound when this happens. This is what is referred to as a “ghost flush.” In this situation, the best solution is to change the flush valve.
Davenport leak detection can help you address any plumbing problems.

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