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Things to Refrain from Flushing down the Toilet

Things to Refrain from Flushing down the Toilet
You do not want to be constantly calling your Quad Cities plumber to solve plumbing issues. It is more prudent to learn how to PREVENT such problems from occurring.
Refrain from flushing the following items down the toilet:
Cigarette butts
Cigarette butts look horrible floating around in the toilet bowl. They are also extremely toxic.
Using water to flush down a small butt of cigarette is incredibly wasteful. You also run the risk of having toxic chemicals from the cigarette end up in your water supply.
Cotton swabs
Like most people, you may think that when you flush down cotton balls and swabs, they get mushy and easily break down. Contrary to this popular idea, cotton does not easily break down. It tends to accumulate in bends of the sewage pipes and cause problematic obstruction.
Bathroom wipes
The same thing applies to bathroom wipes or moist towelettes. Wipes are not biodegradable. They tend to clog up the sewer system.
In spite of their tiny appearance, condoms are a big threat for sewage treatment plants. These latex prophylactics pose a serious threat to the environment when they remain in the septic tanks.
Prescription medicines
Many people think that it is safer to flush unused pills down the toilet instead of having them lie around.
Medicines, however, are likely to pollute groundwater supply. They are also likely to adversely affect wildlife downstream.
Dental floss
Dental floss looks like string. Unlike ordinary string, however, it is not biodegradable. If you flush dental floss down the toilet, it tends to drape itself around other things in the sewage pipes, causing small clogs to instantly become bigger.
Non-biodegradable plastic is used to make band-aids. You harm the environment when you flush band-aid down the toilet. You are also likely to clog the sewage system.
If you have problems with drainage, get in touch with your Quad Cities residential plumber for assistance.

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