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Water & Drain

Water Services 

Water Filtration

Ewert Plumbing has the expertise to keep your water fresh and clean. Water testing, well pump repair and installation, water purification systems, and water filtration systems are some of the services we can provide.
Water Heaters

We inspect, repair and install all types of water heaters. Rely on Ewert Plumbing for the right water heater for your home or commercial property.
• Gas Water Heaters: reliable and efficient for all your water heating demands.

• Electric Water Heaters: superior design, installation and maintenance life for an effective alternative.

• Tankless Water Heaters: energy cost reduction, longer life and on demand hot water.

Water Heater Accessories

Water alarms, pressure regulators and timers can all be added to help you save water and energy.


Drain Services

Slow running and clogged drains can be a huge headache but Ewert Plumbing can take care of the worst drain problems in your kitchen or bath.
• Toilet Auger for toilet clogs

• Drain Machine for inside pipes and drains

• High Pressure Air Blast for drain clogs

• High Pressure Water Sprays to rid your pipes of sludge build ups

• Cable Cleaning for opening up your pipes

When your home or business property has root damage or needs line replacement or repair, call Ewert Plumbing for the job.

New Construction or Remodeling

From commercial, retail, or industrial projects to residential homes and condominiums, Ewert Plumbing can design, install and manage all the aspects of your water system from external and internal piping to pumps, heaters and other devices. We have over 60 years experience working with the water systems throughout Davenport, and the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois. Call us today at 563-322-3222.