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Winterizing Your Backflow Preventer

Rock Island plumbing service contractors like those from C. Ewert Plumbing can give you professional advice on how to winterize your backflow preventer. During the cold months of winter, the pipes in your house can get completely or partially frozen. This will make the pressure inside them rise and it may ruin your pipes.
Here is how you can prepare your backflow preventer for the cold winter months:
1. The first thing that you should do is to remove your house’s backflow preventer. It should be taken off the ground. The devices attached to your sprinkler system are usually the first ones to go. All you need is a wrench to remove them.
2. Uncouple both ends the union connections if your backflow preventer is below ground. That also means you will have to do some digging. Drain the water from the valve and keep it dry when you store it.
3. If you don’t want to remove the backflow preventer then wrap it up with insulating tape. Make sure all the tape strips overlap when you wrap the entire of the valve. You can use standard insulating tape or fiberglass types.
Things to Remember
Keeping your back flow preventer wrapped like that during the winter means that it will remain operable during those cold months. You should inspect your device regularly during those months to make sure they are working properly. Make sure that the overlapping insulator tape has a good seal.
Note that fiberglass tape will usually give a better seal but they can be a bit expensive. Alternatively, you can also lag the whole valve using water proof insulation. After doing that make sure to tape it up so that everything is held in place.
Cover the insulation with a plastic bag. You can then cover it with soil (in case you’re using a below ground setup). Now you’re set up until spring.

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